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Install Python

links verified on April 2020

2020 edit: Some use PyCharm, I do not recommend it... (seems too complicated)

Important: We only work with Python 3.x version (no 2.7 version)!

If you do not already have Python installed on your computer, I recommend that you use Spyder and/or Jupyter Notebook (= IPython Notebook) (no obligation). Below (see "Anaconda vs Miniconda" section) the instructions to install both via conda (tested on Ubuntu and Windows 10).

  • Jupyter Notebook (= IPython Notebook on Windows) to work with notebooks!

    An example to see what notebooks look like: in html (to see the result) and the source (to open with jupyter-notebook on Linux, or IPython-Notebook on Windows).

  • With Spyder you have your editor and a console in the same environment. Here is an example (object inspector and others tools have been closed):

Anaconda vs Miniconda

You can either install Anaconda or miniconda. Have a look at conda user-guide to choose!

Install Anaconda (any OS)

If you have (a lot of) space to loose on your computer, just follow the instructions here to install Anaconda!

Spyder, IPython Notebook (= Jupyter) are installed (as well as many useless things).

OR Install Miniconda, Spyder and Jupyter (recommended)

Miniconda will just add the conda package manager and Python.

Install miniconda:

Installation instructions (any OS) can be found here (choose "Python 3.x" version).

Then to install "packages" first open a "console":


Open Anaconda Prompt (should be in start menu > Anaconda).


Open a terminal!

Install Spyder and or Jupyter Notebook:

From anaconda user-guide: Spyder and Jupyter, in your "console":
conda install -c anaconda spyder
conda install -c anaconda jupyter

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