"Tout est à savoir , finalement... quand on sait plein de choses,
on dort moins bête la nuit"
-- Brèves de comptoir - JM Gourriot
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Reminder of deadlines:

  • Before Friday, December 20 - 12 pm (12 noon = midi !): Project group registrations.

  • Before Friday, January 17 - 5 pm: book of specifications submission

  • Friday, January 31: book of specifications validation (= final version submission)

To see the status of your book of specifications:

  • given: your book of specifications has been given.
  • to modify: your book of specifications is not validated, come and see quickly Christophe Boullay who will explain you the modifications to do.
  • validated: your book of specifications is validated.

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sept. 2014