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.:| Useful Links |:.

Updated on Sept. 2019, the 10th
  • Using the IT tools
  • Your timetable

.: Epita :.

Epita Epimap: maps of both parisian campus (first floor at Villejuif is not up to date...)

IT tools at school

  • Epita documentation: all you need to know about

    • Yours accounts (CRI and Bocal/e-mail)
    • Using the IT tools at school

  • [S1][new students] The first practical (TP) BASICS: PIE and Git

  • the CRI's intranet, that allows you to

    • see your account, where you can add your SSH keys
    • see the maps of the computer rooms
    • see the list of students
    • ...
    Use your CRI account!


  • Website: Chronos. Either use the drop-down menu on the left, or put the name of your class in the search field (eg: S1A1) ou votre nom (pour les profs).

    Warning: rooms change each week.

  • Epilife application

.: Indispensables :.

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